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Environmental Education - Youth Programs

Nature Journeys
(Nature Exploration Program for Youth)

An experiential program that introduces youth (age 6-12) to the many wonders and mysteries of the natural world. It employs a "mentoring" approach to teaching, where the child is gently guided into the world of nature through the use of inspiration, games, stories and questioning techniques. Key elements of the program are enhancing students' sensory awareness of nature, developing their observation skills and creating a solid knowledge base about their local natural community. This approach is based on a model developed by the Wilderness Awareness School near Seattle, Washington.

  • Three age groups
  • Small group sizes (maximum 6 students)
  • Each group meets once a week for 2 to 2½ hours

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    "How many classes show a child how to eat from the fat of the land? Who would have known that stinging nettles could be so delicious? I like Patricia's approach to nature as something to be experienced through all the senses, and her teaching did not seem to be filled with speculations and dogma but brought sensitivity to the whole child." - Shannon Wedel

    Introduction to Survival Skills
    Knowledge of survival skills gives you the confidence to feel comfortable outdoors in any situation. Survival skills also serve as a "doorway" into nature, to experiencing nature at a deeper level. Some of the skills/ topics introduced are:

    • Sacred order of survival
    • Shelter building (personal survival shelter)
    • Tracking: learning to read the story of the tracks, compression releases
    • Firemaking

    Lead Mentor

    Patricia SpencerPatricia Spencer MA (Education), is a retired teacher, naturalist and consultant, and she is the primary facilitator for Earthwise Ventures. She has studied with Tom Brown, Jr. (in tracking, nature awareness, survival and philosophy) and engages in ongoing naturalist training studies from the Wilderness Awareness School. Patricia has led nature workshops for a variety of participants including students, teachers and community groups. She possesses a deep respect and love for the mystery and beauty of the natural world, which she enjoys sharing with others.

    - Article from 100 Mile Free Press

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