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Environmental Education - Adult Programs

Coyote Mentoring (A workshop for naturalists, youth leaders, teachers, interpreters)

Coyote MentoringCoyote Mentoring is an experiential and holistic approach to teaching, where the child is gently guided into the world of nature through the use of inspiration, games, stories, questioning techniques and humour. Key elements of the program are enhancing students' sensory awareness of nature, developing their observation skills and creating a solid knowledge base about their local, natural community. In this workshop participants will learn techniques to discover each child's uniqueness and build upon his/her natural curiosity, thereby creating a powerful need to know! Participants will also be introduced to some of the main techniques, strategies and core routines of Coyote Mentoring.

Coyote Mentoring is based on a model developed by the Wilderness Awareness School near Seattle, Washington.

"Patricia is a spirited teacher dedicated to guiding learners of all ages to develop a deeper connection with the natural world and to understand the knowledge that comes from this relationship." - Renel Mitchell, Chuntoh (Forest) Education Society

Wild BC Workshops
Wild BC workshop

Patricia Spencer is a workshop facilitator for Wild BC, which offers a variety of environmental workshops and programs for teachers, youth group leaders, nature centres and community groups. Some popular workshops are:

  • Project WILD
  • Project WET
  • Forests in Focus
  • Below Zero
  • Water Stewardship: A Guide for Teachers, Students and Community Groups
  • Backyard Biodiversity
  • Climate Change
  • Science in Action

We can design a program tailored to your needs. For more information, contact us or visit the Wild BC web site

"The teachers at Buffalo Creek Elementary found Patricia Spencer to be a tremendous resource person! Her knowledge of science, the environment and education helped teachers to plan engaging, interactive activities for their students." - Donna Rodger, principal, Buffalo Creek Elementary

Personal survival shelterIntroduction to Survival Skills
Knowledge of survival skills gives you the confidence to feel comfortable outdoors in any situation. Survival skills also serve as a "doorway" into nature, to experiencing nature at a deeper level. Some of the skills/ topics introduced are:

  • Sacred order of survival
  • Shelter building (personal survival shelter)
  • Tracking: learning to read the story of the tracks, compression releases
  • Fire making

Transformational Dance and Movement
Transformational Dance and Movement
Exploring the Inner and Outer Landscape
This workshop is based on the transformational dance work of Anna Halprin. We will embark on a short movement journey, where we will raise our perceptual awareness of ourselves, others and the natural world. We will move from our own impulses and respond to others. Simple movement activities and "scores" lead us to deeper understandings, a sense of renewal, freedom and playful fun!

"Patricia is a brilliant guide through the sensory realm. I never knew how much wisdom a tree, a blade of grass, a flower blossom has to impart. Patricia creates a container so we can develop our inner listening." Cindy Wickingstad

  • Contact us for information about upcoming workshops.
  • Custom-designed workshops for youth and adults also available.
  • Bookings are arranged on a demand basis.
  • Arrangements can be made to bring a workshop to your school or community group (within BC). Contact us for more information.

Your Facilitator

Patricia Spencer, naturalist and consultantPatricia Spencer MA (Education), is a retired teacher, naturalist and consultant, and the primary facilitator for Earthwise Ventures. She has studied with Tom Brown, Jr. (in tracking, nature awareness, survival and philosophy) and engages in ongoing naturalist training studies from the Wilderness Awareness School. Patricia has led nature workshops and programs for a variety of participants including students, teachers and community groups. She possesses a deep respect and love for the mystery and beauty of the natural world, which she enjoys sharing with others. She is also a Wild BC facilitator.

- Article from 100 Mile Free Press

Member of:
Some Previous and Current Clients
  • Various workshops through Wild BC 2000-present
  • Stewardship in Transition Conference, Williams Lake, BC (Coyote Mentoring workshop) 2007
  • Scout Island Nature Centre, Williams Lake, BC (Coyote Mentoring workshop for staff training) 2006
  • Chuntoh Education Society, Fort St. James, BC (Survival Skills and Coyote Mentoring workshops) 2005
  • Mayor Megaw's Guest House, Vernon BC (Exploring the Inner and Outer Landscape movement workshops) 2004-5
  • Global Environmental and Outdoor Education Council Conference, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005.
  • Environmental Educators' Provincial Specialist Association of British Columbia Conference, Oct. 2001

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